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Earthquakes hit several regions in Indonesia
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 13:19

A series of earthquakes with different intensities hits the Indonesian provinces of North Maluku, Bali, and Lampung on Thursday. West Halmahera district in North Maluku was jolted by an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the ...

Indonesia to push for conclusion of three bilateral negotiations
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 09:07

The government is pushing for the conclusion of three negotiations in the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) here to be the basis to boost the countrys exports and economic growth. Trade Minister ...

Single-fuel price program likely to fall behind target
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:57

The government has launched a single-fuel price program in certain areas across the country since January this year, as part of its efforts to provide fuels at equal prices for consumers. For this year, the government has ...

Field study held to revitalize Jakarta-Surabaya railway connection
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:51

Directorate General of Railways and the Assessment and Application of Technology Agency (BPPT) have cooperated with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to conduct a field study to revitalize the medium-speed ...

Task forces to be to accelerate ease of doing business
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:49

Indonesia, which has been able to improve its ease of doing business index from 91 to 72, will establish task forces for ease of doing business in order to further improve its business climate. The government is now ...

Over one thousand villages to have electricity
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:43

The Secretary of the Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Wawan Supriatna, said here on Wednesday that 1,096 villages will have a power grid, provided by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral ...

Finance minister to study middle and upper class consumption pattern
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:42

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati will study the consumption pattern of middle and upper class societies who give a significant contribution to household consumption. "It is the upper class society who has purchasing ...

Indonesia to broadcast live 38 events of Asian Games 2018
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:40

Indonesia will broadcast 38 sports events live during the Asian Games to be held in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra, in August 2018. "We will use a total of 427 high definition cameras to broadcast all sports events ...

The organizing committee needs Rp800 billion to broadcast Asian Games 2018
Sumber:  Antara
Kamis, 09 November 2017 08:38

The organizing committee of the 2018 Asian Games (INASGOC) needs Rp800 billion for the cost of broadcasting the matches of 38 sports, opening ceremony and closing ceremony of the Asian Games. "The cost of production in a ...

The Economist explains: Why the North American west is on fire
Sumber:  Economist
Jumat, 13 Oktober 2017 12:57

Main image:  THE fires are blazing. The west of the United States has endured some 50,000 wildfires this year, and over 8.5m acres (3.4m hectares) have burned. Northern California has suffered in particular recently as flames have swept through parts of the landscape, killing at least 23 people and devastating wineries. In Canada, as of August 30th (the latest available figure), 7.4m acres had burned. The Canadian fires extended eastwards, but the main concentration was in the west, with British Columbia enduring its worst year, in terms of land burned, since 1958. Why have so many fires burned in North America this year?Wildfires are particularly common in places with higher densities of dry woods or grasslands. They can be started by a lightning strike or a careless campfire—even firecrackers. Ernesto Alvarado of the University of Washington, who specialises in large fires, says that historically portions of the forests of America’s north-west would burn every five to 20 years. In many areas, however, these fires have been suppressed for over a century by the needs of loggers and residents. Over time, undergrowth, saplings and dead trees accumulate, creating conditions in which a fire can spread very rapidly. Furthermore, a recent reduction in logging has led to an even closer packing together of ...

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